Victimes de Viagogo

Zoom on the burgeoning number of Viagogo victims.

As summer approaches in France, festivals, sport and cultural events are blossoming everywhere.
During summer time, tickets online resale is at full speed and unfortunately, victims’ complaints of some illegal practices are rising.

Thereby, many people consider themselves victims of these platforms, Viagogo standing way ahead.

Acquisition of unsuitable and or unconform tickets, addition of extra charge without preliminary information, increase of management charges and/or dispatch that are totally disconnected from any economical reality… these are the main complaints reported by victims.

If reselling tickets online remains legal, the obligations amongst such activity are heavy. Though, many of them seem not observing it.

Now we can see « antiviagogo » Facebook groups or hashtags going viral, not only in France but all through european countrys.

Viagogo’s victims can now react : a collective action in justice is launched.

This is the reason why Ms Bénédicte Rajot, a lawyer at the Lyon’s bar, specialised in EU and international trade law, has launched this collective action against the platform Viagogo. This action will allow the consumers to afford a collective agreement (at a reasonable cost by sharing the expenses between plaintiffs), to obtain the awarding of compensatory damages before any possible further legal action.

There are several allegations, statements the lawyer pointed out. Depending on the situations : unfair business practices (art. L. 121-2, L. 121-3, L. 121-4 French Code de la consommation) ; fraud (art. L. 441-1 French Code de la consommation) ; contract’s obligation of preliminary information misconduct regarding the price and/or product (art. L. 221-5 du French Code de la consommation).

In order to comprehend this collective action, the V pour Verdict team has interviewed some of the victims .

Here are their anonymous answers :

V pour Verdict (VpV) : Have you purchased a ticket through the Viagogo platform ? What show was it ?

Clara : I bought a ticket for an XX concert which took place on 2017, the 14th.

: I purchased a ticket for « Le Cadre noir de Saumur ».

: It was for the Kids United !

VpV : What was the matter with this ticket ?

Clara : The ticket was good for use but the price has doubled without any preliminary information. First it was supposed to cost me a hundred euros for both tickets and suddenly it was two hundred euros ! Furthermore, I hadn’t any possibilty to contest it or even to reach somebody.

: This ticket was genuine but I paid it around twice its real worth price, with incomprehensible fees coming from nowhere ! My ticket was nominative and registered for another person from Czech Republic.

: Important bank fees (because the show was in Switzerland) have been added on my purchase without any notice from their part.

VpV : Which procedures have you engaged ?

Clara : I tried to reach consumer associations but I have to confess that I haven’t dedicated too much of my time because I used to work a lot at that time. I remember that on that moment I was extremely angry and upset. I had even talked about it to my editor in chief so we could eventually discuss it on the anthem.

Anthony : I tried to contact my bank in order to block the payment. The problem was that the ticket was not a counterfeit one (but it was simply owned by several persons), and the bank denied the reimbursement.

Cyril : I filed a complaint at the High Instance Court (Tribunal de Grande Instance) and contacted the Facebook page « Gare aux gogos » that gathers Viagogo’s victims and consumers. I also reached the association UFC-Que Choisir located in Haute Savoie (74). They answered that this kind of website should be avoided. Finally, I sent a letter to the local deputy, left on read, such as the DDPP 74.

To go one step further in the understanding of the collective action against Viagogo CLICK HERE.

French version is available here.

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